Wine. All day. Everyday.

Happy Monday! Just kidding. That’s basically an oxymoron in my book these days. Thankfully for me this is a three day week as I venture off to CHICAGO on Thursday for the long weekend. Michael and I haven’t found ourselves sticking around town for most weekends this summer but when we do, we like to treat it like we’re on vacation and explore all the cool things that Atlanta has to offer. This weekend that meant copious amounts of wine. And just a little bit of rain.

Friday night we started out in a nearby town square at a food truck festival. The town holds a food truck festival every Friday night and live music is performed on stage. Unfortunately, this Friday was particularly thunderstormy. When we arrived, we realized we hadn’t brought an umbrella and everything was outside. Thankfully the lack of people meant no lines for any of the 8 food trucks in attendance. We easily decided on Indian food and grabbed a dry-ish spot under some trees. I had a vegan chickpea wrap. It was super tasty but the rain was pretty uncomfortable so it got devoured in approximately 38 seconds.

I knew that there was a local coffee shop nearby that served wine and had live music on Friday nights as well. I convinced Michael I knew that it was just around the corner and that we just needed to suck up the rain for a little bit… well, turns out I was totally wrong and it was actually in the next town over… so we got in the car and drove the 12 miles to 45 South Café. Oops. But as soon as we got our wine we were beyond happy and only a little damp. Sidenote: I’m not sure what this face was but I promise he was not holding a grudge about the rain thing.

The performer did a spectacular acoustic show reminiscent of John Mayer. It was lovely.

Knowing we’d have an early morning Saturday we headed home for an early night.

Saturday we volunteered at another Habitat for Humanity house. It was a day 7 build, which means landscaping, finishing touches, and a dedication ceremony for the homeowners. I got put on paint touch-ups which, lets be honest, was less than exciting. The dedication ceremony was really sweet and touching and reinforced why we do this so often. (The homeowner hand cut all of the cedar shakes on this house. I was so impressed!)

The benefit of a dedication day is that the day is complete around 12:30pm. We ran out as soon as we could to head to our next adventure: Yonah Mountain Winery tour!

The winery is about an hour north of our apartment in the North Georgia mountains and we had signed up for a 3:00 tour. As a chemical engineer, I always enjoy seeing the processes employed to make wine and beer—it’s all chemical engineering! The tour was really entertaining (though not very chemical engineer-y)—the winery owner was a great guide and had a wonderful sense of humor. It was all very “Over the top”, as he liked to say. The highlight of the tour, besides the wine, of course, was the wine cave. One of the caves was more akin to a bomb shelter, but the second cave was styled to look like an authentic cave with appropriate mood lighting. Cheesy and hilarious.

The tour concluded with a tasting of six wines as we chatted with some of the other people in the group. As would be expected, after nine tastings of wine we were all getting pretty loquacious. If the caves were the highlight of the tour was the cave, the highlight of the winery itself was the view.

Michael did as Michael does and decided he needed a glass of the most expensive wine. This $30 glass of wine was the driest wine I’ve ever tasted—and I like my wine dry.

I ordered a less bank-breaking wine to enjoy while gazing at the mountain and letting Michael sober up for the drive home. And got a little selfie-happy. No shame.

You can’t beat a winery tour on a gorgeous summer Saturday. We posed in front of the building for a photo and had a teeny tiny woman who had probably had her fair share of wine take our photo. She didn’t like our couples poses so she insisted we change it up. So we ended up with this photo that looks like we’re showcasing the handicapped parking. Classic.

The rest of the weekend consisted of some errand running and some projects that will be unveiled here on the blog soon. Michael is a much more eager DIY-er than me and wants his projects done “Now now now”.

Hope you had a great weekend and had your fair share of laughs.

Anyone else do some wine tasting, house building, thunderstorm avoiding?

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