Two All-Day Superdates Make for an Epic Weekend

And just like that; another weekend has come and gone. Now that Michael is on break from school for the summer he has a lot more time for activities. Which means I no longer have to do everything by myself (mostly due to my lack of friends outside of medical school). On Saturday, what this meant was roofing. Yes, despite the 90+ degree temperatures in Atlanta, Michael and I willingly climbed up on a roof and put in six hours of hard shingling labor for Habitat for Humanity. See evidence of half finished roof below. This was during our lunch break and this was the peak of the heat.

Habitat holds a very special place in my heart because well, I met my man there. Yes, we have the most adorable meet cute of all time. It was gross and we were sweaty and we were caulking. And honestly, Michael is no good at caulking. Or painting. So, the super helpful, DIY girl in me decided I would lend a helping hand. We spent about four hours caulking and painting and he asked for my number. And to be honest, I didn’t even know his name. Because is name tag fell off and I probably ignored him the first time he told me what it was. Because, well, I never thought I’d see the kid again. So, we’ve been building houses together from the start and try to volunteer every few weeks here in Atlanta.

Saturday was actually the second roof we’ve done with Habitat, (this picture is actually a lie, its from our first roof) and while its really strenuous labor to shingle a roof, (you try standing on a super slopey roof for 6 hours, mad hard ) its exceptionally rewarding to see the before and after of your work. (Which, of course, I don’t have a photo of so you can just imagine.)

When we had completed the last shingle we were, to say the least, disgusting. Roof tar is a messy thing and sort of coats your whole body. See that glow? Yeah, that’s not a tan, that’s roof tar giving me some nice golden color. HA.

While Michael had been pondering the idea of grabbing dinner downtown, at this point he realized that just wasn’t going to happen in the state we were in. So, we made our way home to get ourselves all cleaned up and ready for a lovely (vegan) dinner at Sunflower Café. This food is insanely amazing. We ordered the Spicy Pad Thai Noodles. I can’t even describe how creamy and delicious this sauce is. Its so flavorful that we always have leftovers even after stuffing our faces with “just one more bite” until we’re pretty much going to explode. We also had the vegan quinoa paella which decent but really, nothing compares to the Pad Thai.

We did our best to wobble out of there in time to catch How to Train Your Dragon 2 at the movie theater. Our feet were sore from our roof standing and really, I just wanted to lay down after the long day. But I absolutely LOVED the first movie in the series and knew the second would be great. Much to our surprise, the movie theater had these.

Yes, those would be reclining loungers. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This was the most amazing thing in the world. (Sidenote, it did make me fear for our future looking exactly like the people in Wall-E.) But at this point in time it was freaking amazing. Needless to say we slept very well Saturday night.

Only to wake up bright and early on Sunday to embark on another all-day adventure. Dare I count Saturday and Sunday as two all-day superdates?? Sunday morning we left the house around 9am and headed to Kennesaw mountain for a five mile hike. (I tried to convince Michael we should do the whole 11 miles but he was not having it considering he looks like he’s jumped in a pool when he’s just stepped outside on a humid day.) The first mile of the hike was long and steep and brought us to the summit of the larger of the two peaks that make up Kennesaw mountain.

The next four miles were less hilly and were really pleasant, despite the constant cannon firing for the 150th anniversary of the civil war battle at Kennesaw. Honestly, I wasn’t really into the whole civil war celebration. When we made it back to our car we had covered 5.6 hot and sweaty miles.

From there we drove a short three miles to downtown Marietta Square for some coffee, lunch, exploring, and yes, King of Pops!

I went for the Ginger Lemonade because, as I told the bearded man above, “Because Ginger”. Sometimes I’m just so articulate, I know. Michael had the classic Georgia Peach which of course was the most delicious popsicle of all time.

I can’t end this post without an honorable mention for the rug that I will probably dream about for years. Can we just talk about this?

I really can’t handle her glory. Of course, this baby was out of my price range at $650 so she will remain in my dreams for now. At least until I’m rich enough to spend that kind of money on a rug. It would make more sense if we didn’t have carpets… but we do.

So, another week has begun—but, this Friday is a holiday which means only three more work days! Hope they’re short ones!

Anyone else cross any items off their summer to-do list this weekend? Climb a mountain? Build a roof? Volunteer your time?

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