Does that count??

Does Whitewater Rafting count as river tubing? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so either…

Nope, this is not us, we were being cheap and didn’t buy any photos. (source)

But hey, I went whitewater rafting this weekend! Okay, last weekend, since its nearly next weekend and I’m slacking on my blog game. Mostly because I have taken approximately four photos since last week. (Hence the lame photo of strangers from the internet.) I’ve been spending my time catching up with my man after his two week stint to ASIA! Yes, the boy went to Thailand and China and didn’t invite me along. But, I suppose, in his defense, the trip had been planned since probably before we started dating nearly two years ago. So I semi-forgive him.

Yep, so Saturday the man arrived from Asia by way of Raleigh, NC. And we pretty much did nothing. Besides visit The Mecca (Whole Foods, because, well, obviously) and do some much needed catching up and present exchanging. In which I gave Michael the five shirts I had bought him at the outlets in Hilton head and the tennis racket I ordered him in effort to convince him to play tennis with me. Sidenote: presents that secretly benefit me are my favorite kind of presents to give, lets be serious. And he gave me some gorgeous jewelry from some Chinese artisans (no kidding). Also, this was not supposed to be a blogworthy photo, hence it is ridiculous and I am sort of ashamed.

There were also sweet potato nuggets involved. Because these things are pretty much the most delicious creation in all of humanity and if you’re ever in Atlanta I require that you stuff your face with them. But of course, if you know me at all yet, you know that I balanced out the biscuity goodness with some Kale juice. Naturally.

Let me take a breath for a moment to acknowledge that this has been the most incongruous blog post in probably all of creation and I’m sorry for that. Truly, I am. All of these things were totally chronologically jumbled. But I suppose what counts is that they all happened. Yes, yes they did. In other news, I’m moving along with my coffee table project. Who knew the six step process I chose to follow to finish the table was going to span over a year and a half? Apparently not me, so its still stuck somewhere between step 4 and step 9. Potentially. Hopefully that update will happen soon. Because I know you’re on the edge of your seats.

Anyone else contemplating a future career as a whitewater rafting guide? Or a professional biscuit eater? Or visit Asia for two weeks abandoning your significant other for an inordinate amount of time to get into nothing but trouble?

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