Just Google It.

I am a smart girl. I mean, I’m no Good Will Hunting, (yes, I’m currently watching this in memory of Robin Williams), but I did graduate college with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. That’s not easy, I tell you.

My mom is the cutest, Hi Mom!

In effort to maintain this façade of brilliance, sometimes I need to utilize my resources. In most cases, that means Googling. Recently this has included the following:

“Can dogs eat cucumbers?” Answer: It won’t hurt them but its not good practice. (They’re my favorite food, I just wanted to see if Pickles could enjoy them as well.)

“HGTV casting call Atlanta” I mean, I’m not a real professional designer, but it doesn’t hurt to check out my options. For the record, they are currently casting for Brother vs. Brother and I’m seriously considering.

“Parrot friend with dog” I have high hopes that Mercedes and Pickles will be the best of friends. Its totally possible.

I’ve made a rendering of the scene:

“Heavy metal poisoning” I’m sort of a hypochondriac. They removed a metal filling from my mouth last week and I was pretty sure I had swallowed the shavings and was going to die.

“Girls named Reid” One of my coworkers had a baby and indicated that the child was named Reid. We were all a little unsure if that meant it was automatically a “he” or if people had started naming girls Reid these days. You never know. Google seemed to think it was exclusively a boy name though.

Sometimes Google helps me win bets: “Saccharomyces cerevisiae” Yeah, that’s the yeast they use to make beer and bread. Michael totally lost that one.

There also may have been some surreptitious “Channing Tatum stripping” searching as well… Don’t tell me you didn’t love Magic Mike as much as I did.

But really, no one says it better than Taryn Southern. Google That Sh*t.

Are you also obsessed with all things Google?

Do you say you’re almost finished this blog post or you’re almost finished with this blog post? Michael insists its wrong of me to omit the “with” in all cases of being finished something. I should Google it… ha.

Happy Wednesday!