How to use a jigsaw correctly

You have just purchased a jigsaw for your family or wood workshop. But, This is the first time you use it, you don’t know how to use it properly and accurately.

Do not use the tool by yourself if you do not understand how to use it. This action not only damages your device but is also dangerous for your body.

In today’s article, I will explain in detail the steps of using a jigsaw for beginners to know and be able to follow. Are you curious about what jigsaw steps are? I won’t make you wait any longer, let’s start exploring right away.

Step 1: Select the right blade

The first and important criterion for being able to manipulate and use jigsaw effectively is the selection of suitable saw blades. This is very necessary and you must not ignore it. It determines whether your cuts are beautiful and perfect.

Each material comes with a different type of saw blade. For example, if you want to cut wood, most blades can be used. However, if you need to cut the carpet, you should use a soft blade to cut effectively. Therefore, consider carefully the saw blade before buying to be able to fit your job.

Besides choosing the material of the saw blade, you need to pay attention to some other criteria such as the number of teeth per inch and the composition of the saw blade.

Step 2: Prepare the material you want to cut

Of course, the step is quite important if you want to cut something well. And This step is quite simple and does not take much of your time. You only prepare a material to cut with the jigsaw.

However, as I said above, you need to know which blade fits which material to work best. In particular, if you use a specialized blade to cut wood to cut cement or ceramic is your stupidest thing. Not only does it damage your tool, but your material is immediately destroyed.

Step 3: Identify the Cut Lines

If you require to create straight and beautiful cuts, you cannot skip this simple and effective step.

First, you need to sketch the size or location that you want to cut out a sheet of paper. Then you use chalk and a ruler to mark and draw the lines that you want to cut on the surface of the board. Finally, you start using the best jigsaw and cutting is okay.

This step will take you a bit of time, but with that careful preparation, you will get the perfect wooden panel as you desire.

Step 4: Put materials in a fixed position

Cutting materials on a flat surface such as a table is extremely important. If you cut the material on an uneven or shaken position, can you handle it? Of course, it’s very difficult, isn’t it? Even people with years of experience in carpentry cannot do it.

Therefore, before cutting you should place the material in a fixed and level position so that you can use your hands comfortably to cut more effectively.

Step 5: Put the saw blade close to the material to be cut

To start the cutting process, you need to place the jigsaw near the starting point of the material you want to cut. Then turn on the tool and adjust the speed according to your desire. Finally, push the saw blade along the line that you marked in step two.

Step 6: The guidance for cutting the most accurate and powerful.

Besides cutting in the line you have marked, you need to do one more thing is that you need to ensure your sawing direction along its path by turning its back in the opposite direction that you want your blade move. Next, try to hold on to the blade so that it is always aligned with the line you need to cut.

If during the cutting process, you feel that the tool is entangled or strained, you need to slow down to avoid the danger. Besides, cutting too quickly will cause rapid damage to the saw because the engine is overworked and the material you need to cut may be destroyed immediately.

Step 7: Remove sawdust and debris

In the process of cutting, sawdust and material debris can accumulate on the surface of your material and saw. You need to clean these stains immediately because they interfere with your vision when cutting and can cause inconsistent cuts. Besides, it is also a reason to harm your health if you breathe them into the lungs.

Besides cleaning with a towel, you can use a vacuum cleaner that is included in the jigsaw to remove debris easily.

Step 8: Complete the process

This is the step when you finish your cut. Once finished, you need to clean the saw blade again and make sure that there is no debris on the tool. After that, clean up your work area so that the space is always clean and airy.

 In conclusion

I have covered in detail the steps you need to manipulate when you want to use jigsaw effectively. And I have tried dividing the steps into small steps so you can follow them better.

I hope that information will help you to cut the materials you want easily and effectively. Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read through this article. Have a nice day.

Two All-Day Superdates Make for an Epic Weekend

And just like that; another weekend has come and gone. Now that Michael is on break from school for the summer he has a lot more time for activities. Which means I no longer have to do everything by myself (mostly due to my lack of friends outside of medical school). On Saturday, what this meant was roofing. Yes, despite the 90+ degree temperatures in Atlanta, Michael and I willingly climbed up on a roof and put in six hours of hard shingling labor for Habitat for Humanity. See evidence of half finished roof below. This was during our lunch break and this was the peak of the heat.

Habitat holds a very special place in my heart because well, I met my man there. Yes, we have the most adorable meet cute of all time. It was gross and we were sweaty and we were caulking. And honestly, Michael is no good at caulking. Or painting. So, the super helpful, DIY girl in me decided I would lend a helping hand. We spent about four hours caulking and painting and he asked for my number. And to be honest, I didn’t even know his name. Because is name tag fell off and I probably ignored him the first time he told me what it was. Because, well, I never thought I’d see the kid again. So, we’ve been building houses together from the start and try to volunteer every few weeks here in Atlanta.

Saturday was actually the second roof we’ve done with Habitat, (this picture is actually a lie, its from our first roof) and while its really strenuous labor to shingle a roof, (you try standing on a super slopey roof for 6 hours, mad hard ) its exceptionally rewarding to see the before and after of your work. (Which, of course, I don’t have a photo of so you can just imagine.)

When we had completed the last shingle we were, to say the least, disgusting. Roof tar is a messy thing and sort of coats your whole body. See that glow? Yeah, that’s not a tan, that’s roof tar giving me some nice golden color. HA.

While Michael had been pondering the idea of grabbing dinner downtown, at this point he realized that just wasn’t going to happen in the state we were in. So, we made our way home to get ourselves all cleaned up and ready for a lovely (vegan) dinner at Sunflower Café. This food is insanely amazing. We ordered the Spicy Pad Thai Noodles. I can’t even describe how creamy and delicious this sauce is. Its so flavorful that we always have leftovers even after stuffing our faces with “just one more bite” until we’re pretty much going to explode. We also had the vegan quinoa paella which decent but really, nothing compares to the Pad Thai.

We did our best to wobble out of there in time to catch How to Train Your Dragon 2 at the movie theater. Our feet were sore from our roof standing and really, I just wanted to lay down after the long day. But I absolutely LOVED the first movie in the series and knew the second would be great. Much to our surprise, the movie theater had these.

Yes, those would be reclining loungers. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This was the most amazing thing in the world. (Sidenote, it did make me fear for our future looking exactly like the people in Wall-E.) But at this point in time it was freaking amazing. Needless to say we slept very well Saturday night.

Only to wake up bright and early on Sunday to embark on another all-day adventure. Dare I count Saturday and Sunday as two all-day superdates?? Sunday morning we left the house around 9am and headed to Kennesaw mountain for a five mile hike. (I tried to convince Michael we should do the whole 11 miles but he was not having it considering he looks like he’s jumped in a pool when he’s just stepped outside on a humid day.) The first mile of the hike was long and steep and brought us to the summit of the larger of the two peaks that make up Kennesaw mountain.

The next four miles were less hilly and were really pleasant, despite the constant cannon firing for the 150th anniversary of the civil war battle at Kennesaw. Honestly, I wasn’t really into the whole civil war celebration. When we made it back to our car we had covered 5.6 hot and sweaty miles.

From there we drove a short three miles to downtown Marietta Square for some coffee, lunch, exploring, and yes, King of Pops!

I went for the Ginger Lemonade because, as I told the bearded man above, “Because Ginger”. Sometimes I’m just so articulate, I know. Michael had the classic Georgia Peach which of course was the most delicious popsicle of all time.

I can’t end this post without an honorable mention for the rug that I will probably dream about for years. Can we just talk about this?

I really can’t handle her glory. Of course, this baby was out of my price range at $650 so she will remain in my dreams for now. At least until I’m rich enough to spend that kind of money on a rug. It would make more sense if we didn’t have carpets… but we do.

So, another week has begun—but, this Friday is a holiday which means only three more work days! Hope they’re short ones!

Anyone else cross any items off their summer to-do list this weekend? Climb a mountain? Build a roof? Volunteer your time?

Wine. All day. Everyday.

Happy Monday! Just kidding. That’s basically an oxymoron in my book these days. Thankfully for me this is a three day week as I venture off to CHICAGO on Thursday for the long weekend. Michael and I haven’t found ourselves sticking around town for most weekends this summer but when we do, we like to treat it like we’re on vacation and explore all the cool things that Atlanta has to offer. This weekend that meant copious amounts of wine. And just a little bit of rain.

Friday night we started out in a nearby town square at a food truck festival. The town holds a food truck festival every Friday night and live music is performed on stage. Unfortunately, this Friday was particularly thunderstormy. When we arrived, we realized we hadn’t brought an umbrella and everything was outside. Thankfully the lack of people meant no lines for any of the 8 food trucks in attendance. We easily decided on Indian food and grabbed a dry-ish spot under some trees. I had a vegan chickpea wrap. It was super tasty but the rain was pretty uncomfortable so it got devoured in approximately 38 seconds.

I knew that there was a local coffee shop nearby that served wine and had live music on Friday nights as well. I convinced Michael I knew that it was just around the corner and that we just needed to suck up the rain for a little bit… well, turns out I was totally wrong and it was actually in the next town over… so we got in the car and drove the 12 miles to 45 South Café. Oops. But as soon as we got our wine we were beyond happy and only a little damp. Sidenote: I’m not sure what this face was but I promise he was not holding a grudge about the rain thing.

The performer did a spectacular acoustic show reminiscent of John Mayer. It was lovely.

Knowing we’d have an early morning Saturday we headed home for an early night.

Saturday we volunteered at another Habitat for Humanity house. It was a day 7 build, which means landscaping, finishing touches, and a dedication ceremony for the homeowners. I got put on paint touch-ups which, lets be honest, was less than exciting. The dedication ceremony was really sweet and touching and reinforced why we do this so often. (The homeowner hand cut all of the cedar shakes on this house. I was so impressed!)

The benefit of a dedication day is that the day is complete around 12:30pm. We ran out as soon as we could to head to our next adventure: Yonah Mountain Winery tour!

The winery is about an hour north of our apartment in the North Georgia mountains and we had signed up for a 3:00 tour. As a chemical engineer, I always enjoy seeing the processes employed to make wine and beer—it’s all chemical engineering! The tour was really entertaining (though not very chemical engineer-y)—the winery owner was a great guide and had a wonderful sense of humor. It was all very “Over the top”, as he liked to say. The highlight of the tour, besides the wine, of course, was the wine cave. One of the caves was more akin to a bomb shelter, but the second cave was styled to look like an authentic cave with appropriate mood lighting. Cheesy and hilarious.

The tour concluded with a tasting of six wines as we chatted with some of the other people in the group. As would be expected, after nine tastings of wine we were all getting pretty loquacious. If the caves were the highlight of the tour was the cave, the highlight of the winery itself was the view.

Michael did as Michael does and decided he needed a glass of the most expensive wine. This $30 glass of wine was the driest wine I’ve ever tasted—and I like my wine dry.

I ordered a less bank-breaking wine to enjoy while gazing at the mountain and letting Michael sober up for the drive home. And got a little selfie-happy. No shame.

You can’t beat a winery tour on a gorgeous summer Saturday. We posed in front of the building for a photo and had a teeny tiny woman who had probably had her fair share of wine take our photo. She didn’t like our couples poses so she insisted we change it up. So we ended up with this photo that looks like we’re showcasing the handicapped parking. Classic.

The rest of the weekend consisted of some errand running and some projects that will be unveiled here on the blog soon. Michael is a much more eager DIY-er than me and wants his projects done “Now now now”.

Hope you had a great weekend and had your fair share of laughs.

Anyone else do some wine tasting, house building, thunderstorm avoiding?

I’m not a failure… yet

As hinted to previously, I’ve already been able to cross an item off of my “Summer To-Do” List. I spent this past weekend at a “new-to-me” beach, Hilton Head Island, SC. People, it was gorgeous.

I arrived on Friday night to meet with my friend, Kristen, and her family, who so graciously allowed me to crash their family vacation for the weekend. We spent the night hanging out in the pool (which is in the middle left of this photo out by those cabanas. Yes, it was awesome.)

Saturday we grabbed some breakfast on the island and then did some beach lounging. This was glorious.

We actually ended up moving locations on Saturday afternoon. (Kristen’s family spends two weeks at Hilton Head every year and like to switch locations on the island halfway through.) The second resort had the world’s greatest pool bar. I mean, the book to choose drinks from is 300 pages. How does one choose?? Ah, but I did choose. Watermelons and margarita? Please and thank you.

Yes, it tasted just as good as it looked. Saturday night we explored some local shops (of which I have no photographic evidence) and I bought Tom’s. Because I work on a quasi-construction site and no one needs fancy shoes for that.

Sunday morning there was biking involved and a splendiferous breakfast at the Harbor Town Bakery & Café. The café is inside an old 1890’s cabin and naturally my décor-obsessed self was smitten with the original fireplace inside.

We scaled the light house (a whopping 114 steps), before heading back to the pool for our final foray with the sun before I had to head home. But apparently that 114 steps didn’t satisfy me because well, after work yesterday, I decided to climb a mountain. Ok, so Stone Mountain. Which is, technically a mountain. (How’s that for a segue??)

Obviously I looked super glam on the top of the mountain… ha. I’m thinking of making this a regular summer activity. That hill is tough. Way tougher than I remember every time. But if I’m going to climb Kilimanjaro someday I gotta get to work! (Sorry for the totally random shift in thoughts this morning—I’m going to be late for work and the filtering has stopped working.)

Anyway, hope ya’all had an equally awesome Father’s Day weekend (I called my dad on Sunday afternoon and we chatted about thrifting—typical. Smile )

Anyone else drinking frozen drinks of glory? Biking to new lands? Climbing mountains?

I do a really good job at making that all sounds like the greatest activity even. But its not work. So it just may be.

Just Google It.

I am a smart girl. I mean, I’m no Good Will Hunting, (yes, I’m currently watching this in memory of Robin Williams), but I did graduate college with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. That’s not easy, I tell you.

My mom is the cutest, Hi Mom!

In effort to maintain this façade of brilliance, sometimes I need to utilize my resources. In most cases, that means Googling. Recently this has included the following:

“Can dogs eat cucumbers?” Answer: It won’t hurt them but its not good practice. (They’re my favorite food, I just wanted to see if Pickles could enjoy them as well.)

“HGTV casting call Atlanta” I mean, I’m not a real professional designer, but it doesn’t hurt to check out my options. For the record, they are currently casting for Brother vs. Brother and I’m seriously considering.

“Parrot friend with dog” I have high hopes that Mercedes and Pickles will be the best of friends. Its totally possible.

I’ve made a rendering of the scene:

“Heavy metal poisoning” I’m sort of a hypochondriac. They removed a metal filling from my mouth last week and I was pretty sure I had swallowed the shavings and was going to die.

“Girls named Reid” One of my coworkers had a baby and indicated that the child was named Reid. We were all a little unsure if that meant it was automatically a “he” or if people had started naming girls Reid these days. You never know. Google seemed to think it was exclusively a boy name though.

Sometimes Google helps me win bets: “Saccharomyces cerevisiae” Yeah, that’s the yeast they use to make beer and bread. Michael totally lost that one.

There also may have been some surreptitious “Channing Tatum stripping” searching as well… Don’t tell me you didn’t love Magic Mike as much as I did.

But really, no one says it better than Taryn Southern. Google That Sh*t.

Are you also obsessed with all things Google?

Do you say you’re almost finished this blog post or you’re almost finished with this blog post? Michael insists its wrong of me to omit the “with” in all cases of being finished something. I should Google it… ha.

Happy Wednesday!

Sparkly Lights and Paint-By-Numbers

Back in December, just after moving to Atlanta, I found a local antique store with some real gems. In particular, some sparkly things caught my eye. By sparkly things I mean chandeliers. I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many chandeliers. I had a chandelier in my dorm room. Proof:

So yeah, chandeliers are my jam. When I found these chandeliers at the antique store there may have been some hyperventilation. I sent Michael a photo and some very emphatic language. Well, approximately four days later, I came home from work and Michael was acting all sorts of jittery nervous. “I need some paper from the bedroom!” Me: “Ummm… why?” Him: “Just do it.” And alas, I was greeted with the following:

Fast forward 7 months and we still hadn’t hung a chandelier. And yes, we were still living with that grotesque five armed frat lamp. I knew we would need two people to hang it and Michael was otherwise engaged, see, Medical School. So there they sat, in the corner of the dining room. Well, last week in the midst of some maintenance issues, (broken dryer, among other things), Michael got the idea of recruiting the maintenance men here to help. The fella who helped donated his time after his shift to come help install the chandelier and show Michael what was up. I missed this event, however, Michael assures me that it was very simple and he could indeed, do it again. I am ever grateful that the thing even worked. Honestly, I had visions of installing it properly and having nothing happening and having to pay boatloads of money to get this $100 chandelier re-wired.

But, despite my greatest fears, this little beauty was finally the star of the show. And boy does she shine.

First, this chandelier emits SO much more light than what we had in here previously. I can finally see Michael’s face when I’m sitting next to him on the couch.

Second, she is beautiful. I just can’t. stop. staring.

We also made some other aesthetic changes while we were on a roll. This meant moving the pile of art that has been leaning against the wall since I moved in last November.

So, we did a bit of gallery wall rearranging and ended up with this:

Sorry that the chandelier is still the star of the show in this photo. Do you blame me. Make note of that painting in the upper right hand corner. I found this, ironically, at the same antique store the chandeliers came from. I sent a photo of the painting to Michael to get his approval. He gave his A-ok so I brought it home. I then made the mistake of calling it the “paint-by-numbers art”. Which, well, it is. Which Michael was not so thrilled about. Translation: He now hated it and did not want it on his wall. “There’s no story behind that!” Me: “Story: I brought it home; you found out it was paint by numbers; you hated it.” Him: “Okay, I guess so.” Sold.

When rearranging this wall I had to move my friend Marvin, the gold moose. Marvin found himself a new home. Along with my winnings from Natalie’s Giveaway (which I personalized a bit with some gold sharpie—Obsessed), and a poster we picked up in Raleigh.

The frame for this poster is yet another story. We got a quote for a frame we liked at Michael’s (the crafts store, not my boyfriend). It would have cost us over $200 for just one frame. So we did as all good twenty-somethings do and bought a frame at Target. Which we then painted gold with some leftover paint I had from another project. $15 later we were happy campers.

Because these art displays were pretty close to eachother, on adjacent walls, but not close enough to feel connected we got super kitschy and hung up another piece of art we had…

Yep, that’s an ampersand. You guys, we’re so clever.

For real though, I’m so proud of us, finally getting our art game together. And finally getting all that fancy artwork off the floor.

In other news, Pickles spent all of Monday night crying/barking/howling/keeping everyone awake. But really, who could be mad at this face.

He has, thankfully, since calmed down and become more comfortable with his pen and sleeping alone. I haven’t ruined him yet.

Do you think you can have too many chandeliers?
Anyone ever buy a cheap frame and customize it? Is there any reason to ever spend $200 on a frame? Be honest with me, I’m not just cheap, right?

Does that count??

Does Whitewater Rafting count as river tubing? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so either…

Nope, this is not us, we were being cheap and didn’t buy any photos. (source)

But hey, I went whitewater rafting this weekend! Okay, last weekend, since its nearly next weekend and I’m slacking on my blog game. Mostly because I have taken approximately four photos since last week. (Hence the lame photo of strangers from the internet.) I’ve been spending my time catching up with my man after his two week stint to ASIA! Yes, the boy went to Thailand and China and didn’t invite me along. But, I suppose, in his defense, the trip had been planned since probably before we started dating nearly two years ago. So I semi-forgive him.

Yep, so Saturday the man arrived from Asia by way of Raleigh, NC. And we pretty much did nothing. Besides visit The Mecca (Whole Foods, because, well, obviously) and do some much needed catching up and present exchanging. In which I gave Michael the five shirts I had bought him at the outlets in Hilton head and the tennis racket I ordered him in effort to convince him to play tennis with me. Sidenote: presents that secretly benefit me are my favorite kind of presents to give, lets be serious. And he gave me some gorgeous jewelry from some Chinese artisans (no kidding). Also, this was not supposed to be a blogworthy photo, hence it is ridiculous and I am sort of ashamed.

There were also sweet potato nuggets involved. Because these things are pretty much the most delicious creation in all of humanity and if you’re ever in Atlanta I require that you stuff your face with them. But of course, if you know me at all yet, you know that I balanced out the biscuity goodness with some Kale juice. Naturally.

Let me take a breath for a moment to acknowledge that this has been the most incongruous blog post in probably all of creation and I’m sorry for that. Truly, I am. All of these things were totally chronologically jumbled. But I suppose what counts is that they all happened. Yes, yes they did. In other news, I’m moving along with my coffee table project. Who knew the six step process I chose to follow to finish the table was going to span over a year and a half? Apparently not me, so its still stuck somewhere between step 4 and step 9. Potentially. Hopefully that update will happen soon. Because I know you’re on the edge of your seats.

Anyone else contemplating a future career as a whitewater rafting guide? Or a professional biscuit eater? Or visit Asia for two weeks abandoning your significant other for an inordinate amount of time to get into nothing but trouble?