Just Google It.

I am a smart girl. I mean, I’m no Good Will Hunting, (yes, I’m currently watching this in memory of Robin Williams), but I did graduate college with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. That’s not easy, I tell you.

chem eng graduation

My mom is the cutest, Hi Mom!

In effort to maintain this façade of brilliance, sometimes I need to utilize my resources. In most cases, that means Googling. Recently this has included the following:

“Can dogs eat cucumbers?” Answer: It won’t hurt them but its not good practice. (They’re my favorite food, I just wanted to see if Pickles could enjoy them as well.)

“HGTV casting call Atlanta” I mean, I’m not a real professional designer, but it doesn’t hurt to check out my options. For the record, they are currently casting for Brother vs. Brother and I’m seriously considering.

“Parrot friend with dog” I have high hopes that Mercedes and Pickles will be the best of friends. Its totally possible.

I’ve made a rendering of the scene:

Pickles and mercedes

“Heavy metal poisoning” I’m sort of a hypochondriac. They removed a metal filling from my mouth last week and I was pretty sure I had swallowed the shavings and was going to die.

“Girls named Reid” One of my coworkers had a baby and indicated that the child was named Reid. We were all a little unsure if that meant it was automatically a “he” or if people had started naming girls Reid these days. You never know. Google seemed to think it was exclusively a boy name though.

Sometimes Google helps me win bets: “Saccharomyces cerevisiae” Yeah, that’s the yeast they use to make beer and bread. Michael totally lost that one.

There also may have been some surreptitious “Channing Tatum stripping” searching as well… Don’t tell me you didn’t love Magic Mike as much as I did.


But really, no one says it better than Taryn Southern. Google That Sh*t.

Are you also obsessed with all things Google?

Do you say you’re almost finished this blog post or you’re almost finished with this blog post? Michael insists its wrong of me to omit the “with” in all cases of being finished something. I should Google it… ha.

Happy Wednesday!


Sparkly Lights and Paint-By-Numbers

Michael Building Table 011

Back in December, just after moving to Atlanta, I found a local antique store with some real gems. In particular, some sparkly things caught my eye. By sparkly things I mean chandeliers. I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many chandeliers. I had a chandelier in my dorm room. Proof:


So yeah, chandeliers are my jam. When I found these chandeliers at the antique store there may have been some hyperventilation. I sent Michael a photo and some very emphatic language. Well, approximately four days later, I came home from work and Michael was acting all sorts of jittery nervous. “I need some paper from the bedroom!” Me: “Ummm… why?” Him: “Just do it.” And alas, I was greeted with the following:


Fast forward 7 months and we still hadn’t hung a chandelier. And yes, we were still living with that grotesque five armed frat lamp. I knew we would need two people to hang it and Michael was otherwise engaged, see, Medical School. So there they sat, in the corner of the dining room. Well, last week in the midst of some maintenance issues, (broken dryer, among other things), Michael got the idea of recruiting the maintenance men here to help. The fella who helped donated his time after his shift to come help install the chandelier and show Michael what was up. I missed this event, however, Michael assures me that it was very simple and he could indeed, do it again. I am ever grateful that the thing even worked. Honestly, I had visions of installing it properly and having nothing happening and having to pay boatloads of money to get this $100 chandelier re-wired.

But, despite my greatest fears, this little beauty was finally the star of the show. And boy does she shine.

Michael Building Table 014

First, this chandelier emits SO much more light than what we had in here previously. I can finally see Michael’s face when I’m sitting next to him on the couch.

Second, she is beautiful. I just can’t. stop. staring.

Pickles' homecoming 036

We also made some other aesthetic changes while we were on a roll. This meant moving the pile of art that has been leaning against the wall since I moved in last November.

16April2014 076

So, we did a bit of gallery wall rearranging and ended up with this:

Pickles' homecoming 037

Sorry that the chandelier is still the star of the show in this photo. Do you blame me. Make note of that painting in the upper right hand corner. I found this, ironically, at the same antique store the chandeliers came from. I sent a photo of the painting to Michael to get his approval. He gave his A-ok so I brought it home. I then made the mistake of calling it the “paint-by-numbers art”. Which, well, it is. Which Michael was not so thrilled about. Translation: He now hated it and did not want it on his wall. “There’s no story behind that!” Me: “Story: I brought it home; you found out it was paint by numbers; you hated it.” Him: “Okay, I guess so.” Sold.

When rearranging this wall I had to move my friend Marvin, the gold moose. Marvin found himself a new home. Along with my winnings from Natalie’s Giveaway (which I personalized a bit with some gold sharpie—Obsessed), and a poster we picked up in Raleigh.

Pickles' homecoming 039

The frame for this poster is yet another story. We got a quote for a frame we liked at Michael’s (the crafts store, not my boyfriend). It would have cost us over $200 for just one frame. So we did as all good twenty-somethings do and bought a frame at Target. Which we then painted gold with some leftover paint I had from another project. $15 later we were happy campers.

Because these art displays were pretty close to eachother, on adjacent walls, but not close enough to feel connected we got super kitschy and hung up another piece of art we had…

Pickles' homecoming 040

Yep, that’s an ampersand. You guys, we’re so clever.

Michael Building Table 017

For real though, I’m so proud of us, finally getting our art game together. And finally getting all that fancy artwork off the floor.

In other news, Pickles spent all of Monday night crying/barking/howling/keeping everyone awake. But really, who could be mad at this face.

Pickles squished in cushions

He has, thankfully, since calmed down and become more comfortable with his pen and sleeping alone. I haven’t ruined him yet.

Do you think you can have too many chandeliers?
Anyone ever buy a cheap frame and customize it? Is there any reason to ever spend $200 on a frame? Be honest with me, I’m not just cheap, right?